…nurturing talent inside an organization makes strategic sense…
–John Ryan (managing director at RSMR/TRANSEARCH)

Change is a constant. Re-organizations, re-structuring, lay-offs, and looking at ways to cut costs are likely to continue.  Knowing this, it’s more important than ever to have the right person in the right job.

Hiring that “right person” is a challenge faced by all leaders. It’s important to be clear on job functions, responsibilities and behaviors to help grow results. It’s also equally important to spend sufficient time looking for candidates internal to your organization or business to fill an opening.

External hiring will always be in the mix, but don’t forget about your high potential employees. You will have easy access to skill-sets, talent, experience, passion, and goal achievement, along with feedback and performance results.

Hiring from within saves costs, utilizes and builds on existing company knowledge, and most important, builds employee morale and loyalty.

In a 2010 Employee Job Satisfaction survey conducted by SHRM, what matters most to employee are the following 5 elements:

No. 1: Job Security

No. 2: Benefits

No. 3: Opportunities to use skills and abilities

No. 4: The work itself, tied with, the organization’s financial stability

No. 5: Compensation and pay

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As leaders, we need to understand the skills and talent our staff brings to the table. We need to ensure each member has a development plan, and we need to understand their passion and career aspirations. We must commit to building talent, and we need to provide honest, and sometime difficult feedback, about an individual’s skills and competencies.

Commit to retaining top talent, and remember, if you don’t “hire hard”, you’ll have to “manage hard”!