“Chase your passion, not your pension.”
–Denis Waitley

Career passion and purpose . . .

Why is it so important that we are passionate about everything we do? We all know deep inside that when we are lacking passion we aren’t the best we can be.

I know I’ve been in jobs and assignments I didn’t really relate to, or feel a strong need for accomplishment. The results were clear; they could have been better and the people involved could have seen a better me.

So can we be passionate about something we don’t love to do? My answer is yes, as long as we’ve discovered our leadership purpose and linked it to all we do. We have to determine what our purpose is, and ensure our external behaviors support that purpose.

That sums up passion in a nutshell. If we believe we are just robots in assignments for monetary gain, that’s what we’ll get – a pay check. For us to be outstanding, motivating and inspiring leaders, we must be passionate in everything we do, and demonstrate that passion across the workplace.

So take that first step and find your passion. Second, determine how you can bring that passion to every assignment. I guarantee you will take your leadership to a higher level!