A courageous leadership style is built upon a bedrock of confidence and skilled behaviors.

  • Provides the critical dimensions for becoming a courageous leader.
  • It’s understanding that being a leader is not easy.
  • It’s knowing what you’re capable of and knowing how to execute and inspire.
  • Leadership is taking and empowering yourself and others to go where you or they have never gone before.

12 Steps For Courageous Leadership

Courage is the single most important attribute any leader must have in order to be effective and successful. It takes courage to achieve your life’s ambitions, and even more courage to be a strong leader.

In our book, 12 Steps For Courageous Leadership, we identified 12 factors that are essential to be successful:

1.    The passion to have a dream and live it.
2.    Document your goals.
3.    Commit to your goals.
4.    Understand your strengths and the strengths of others.
5.    Communicate with confidence and clarity.
6.    Understand and manage conflict with a purpose.
7.    Develop others.
8.    Delegate.
9.    Develop a skill.
10.  Remain controlled.
11.  Reward and Recognize.
12.  Succeed and learn from failure.

Let us know which steps you find easiest to exhibit daily, those you find most challenging, and one that you commit to strengthening.