Having the courage to document your goals is step 2 from our book 12 Steps For Courageous Leadership!

Do you struggle with putting your goals on paper? Do you encourage others to put their goals in writing?

If yes, we want to hear how easy or difficult it was for you, and then the success stories for achieving that written goal.

Step 2: The Courage To Document Your Goals

  • Have written goals moved you along?
  • How has your team or organization benefited?

For those of you with direct reports, does your staff understand how they personally contribute to team goals?

Do you help them document their supporting goals and regularly review the progress against them?

Does everyone understand the impact to the customer or client if they goal is NOT met? And more positively, how have relationships, job satisfaction levels, and the bottom line grown when the goals ARE met?

We look forward to hearing your success stories and the benefits derived from having documented (and shared) goals!