What does the word commitment mean to you? Reliable, trustworthy, dedicated, loyal, devoted, obligated, and responsible are some of the words that may come to mind.

Now think of “excellence.” Perhaps you think of superior, perfect, brilliant, distinct, and quality.

What about when you combine the two words: Commitment and Excellence? They’re pretty powerful words and before we can make them work for us we need to understand what we’re committed to, and then put a plan of excellence into place.

The quality of a person’s life is in direct proportion to their commitment to excellence, regardless of their chosen field of endeavor.
–Vince Lombardi

We regularly talk about the need for having written vision, mission, and goals in order to achieve success.  In addition we need to consider how we can provide exceptional value to our customers, shareholders, and business partners (ex. optimal service or quality products and deliverables).

Are you part of an organization that is committed to excellence? Assuming yes, how would you rate the work that is performed or the product or service that you deliver?  Do you take the time to review those results and take note of what has been done well (so it can be repeated) and identify any gaps (so they can be improved upon)?

What about you personally? Do you have short and long term goals? Are you as committed to excellence at home as you are at work?  Could your life improve and perhaps your levels of happiness and satisfaction grow if you took the time to assess what worked well and what caused friction?

We can all benefit by identifying the areas we excel in and understanding the reasons we excel, as well as knowing what causes resistance.  Having a commitment for excellence and allowing it to become a habit will serve us well!