We won’t be able to rebuild trust in institutions until leaders learn how to communicate honestly — and create organizations where that’s the norm.
–James O’Toole and Warren Bennis

Did you know that trust in US corporations is at an all-time low of 38 percent, a drop from 58% in 2008?

We’ve talked before about how leaders who are viewed as trustworthy are more successful. They hold themselves and others to high standards, are consistent with the behaviors they display, and follow through with their commitments. They’re also willing to be vulnerable, admit their mistakes, and they encourage team members to do the same. It’s no wonder that desired results are more readily obtained.

Organizations must be more open and transparent before the trust factor will improve.

10 Tips For Increasing Organizational Transparency

  1. Open lines of communication
  2. Timely exchange of valid information
  3. No hoarding of information
  4. Active listening
  5. Healthy debates and disagreements
  6. Remove the fear factor from speaking up
  7. Tell the truth
  8. Admit mistakes
  9. Counter inaccurate information with facts
  10. Practice having difficult conversations

Relationship building, improved performance, increased accountability, and improved job satisfaction levels are all side benefits for organizations that score high in trust and transparency.

How would you rate your team? What tip if addressed could increase your score?