Trust Takes Courage

I recently had an opportunity to speak at a leadership conference in Nashville where I talked about CourageAbility factors and Leadership Compass components. Each provide insights on how we make decisions, handle conflict, manage change, communicate, relate to and influence others, and establish and … [Read more...]

The Soft Stuff Is The Hard Stuff

Geoff Colvin wrote in Fortune magazine (October 28, 2013) "The Soft Stuff Is The Hard Stuff". The premise? That skills can be developed, and are certainly required to achieve success, but it's each individuals personal traits that truly make the difference in the business world. "Can a person be … [Read more...]

Engage, Listen, Know

Many leaders are faced with the exciting challenge of starting a new organization or leading a new team or project. Some leaders are properly prepared to "show up", make a great first impression, and know how to best engage their teams. Others not so much . . . Helen Keller said: "Alone we can do … [Read more...]

The Blame Game


We all make mistakes; what's key is how we handle / address them. Chances are you experience negative feelings, and your energy level drops.  This is normal.  Looking for someone to blame, sadly, is also normal for some individuals and teams. When errors occur, frustration levels grow, excuses … [Read more...]

Calm, Cool, and Collect


How do stressful situations impact you? If you're under fire at work, do others "feel" it and avoid interactions with you? Self control is important.  The ability to manage our feelings instead of allowing our feelings to manage us is beneficial for everyone, especially so for leaders. Having … [Read more...]

Mentor/Mentee Power


A mentor, simply defined, is someone who imparts wisdom and shares knowledge with someone with less experience and perhaps less exposure than what they have. Mentors who are serious about their role make a commitment to help their mentees achieve individual and professional excellence. Mentoring … [Read more...]

13 Rules by Colin Powell


Retired (Four Star) General Colin Powell has held a variety of leadership and staff positions throughout his life, and has been the recipient of dozens of awards, some of which include two Presidential Medals of Freedom, the President's Citizens Medal, the Congressional Gold Medal, and the Secretary … [Read more...]

Difficult Conversations


Conducting a difficult conversation is quite frankly, difficult! Even though productivity, morale, and retention decrease when managers avoid these types of conversations, surveys have found that many organizations do nothing to build skills that will help. How are you at conducting difficult … [Read more...]

Leaders Have Heart


  Sometimes we don't know what leaders are doing.  They're not always visible, their efforts are frequently behind the scene, and too often only accomplishments are recognized. Even when they are visible, our view is limited to seeing them perform their "normal" tasks at work. We don't … [Read more...]

Try, Try, Again!


We all deal with frustrations, rejection, and disappointments. It certainly does not feel good, but what matters is how we react to and learn from them. When things don't go the way you desire, what behaviors do you exhibit? Granted there are varying degrees of failure, but are you more inclined … [Read more...]

How To Manage Your Boss


Can we really manage our boss?  Probably not, but we can enhance our relationship with them by effectively communicating, better understanding their preferred style, and by building a trusting relationship. We must also align our expectations by having a clear understanding of the organization's … [Read more...]

Networking – It’s Invaluable!


Networking. What does that mean to you? How do you get started? It's been loosely defined as a structure consisting of individuals or organizations with some form of commonality. It could be regional, religious, industry specific, fraternity relationships, or any other affiliation linkage. Why … [Read more...]