Living Your Values

“We do not act rightly because we have virtue or excellence, but we rather have those because we have acted rightly”. --Aristotle Not much has changed since Aristotle, Greek Philosopher and scientist, recognized strong values were required to achieve excellence. (And this was back in 384 B.C. – … [Read more...]

Taking Charge

By Michael | August 18, 2011 Leaders take charge; remain positive, are encouraging, aggressive and decisive. -Bret Johnson, Camp Quarterback Dear Leaders, Not everyone follows American football, but for those that do, do you equate the quarterback with being the team leader? The … [Read more...]

The Discovery – Journey I

By Michael | August 16, 2011 “The Journey provided the overall ability to step back, assess current roles, and provided amazing diagnostics via the tools/instruments regarding leadership styles for myself and others.” – Trish S. Accelerated Ecom Two new programs kick off September 13th One … [Read more...]

Asking Key Questions

By Michael | August 11, 2011 Asking questions to engage others, listening, and acknowledging what you heard, are  key components for leadership success. Dear Leaders, Do you truly know what’s happening in the workplace?  You may be on top project plans, deliverables, customer rosters, and … [Read more...]

Dealing With Difficult Situations

By Michael | August 9, 2011 Does this sound like a familiar problem? I’m having difficulty dealing with a person: -who just won’t listen -they dominate meetings -they refuse to give others a chance to talk -they reject any recommendation other than those they propose Simulation: Q. … [Read more...]

Defining Leadership

By Michael | August 4, 2011 Leadership: ability to lead: the ability to guide, direct, or influence people –Encarta World English Dictionary Dear Leaders, The term “Leadership” can be defined in many ways.  At PeopleTek, one of our favorites is “Taking others where they’ve never gone … [Read more...]

12 Steps For Courageous Leadership . . .

By Michael | August 1, 2011 12 Steps For Courageous Leadership received the following feedback: 12 Steps for Courageous Leadership is a great little book! It’s an easy read and packed full of Leadership Tips and reminders. It will get you thinking about where you need to make some adjustments to … [Read more...]